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  • IMG_5293-1024x683.jpg

    new space!

    new zine in the works

    started collecting a few of my quiet drawings together. could turn in to something calm.

    book of hours

    i’m starting a really exciting project today, here’s a little sneaky peak.

    bigger and better

    felt like making a really big drawing today. made the costco version of my little gentleman’s matchbox.

    art center show

    many hours later, the wall is finished! you can come see it at art center until april.

    post it show

    here are my favorite post its for giant robot’s post it show. swing by december 5th through 13th!

    commuter plate

    just finished this little guy, not excited to start my long commute again.

    new studio

    just moved in to my new studio. rushed to take a photo while it’s still tidy.

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